Check out this GORGEOUS view from this bamboo studio in one of the most beautiful places in the world ...

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You'll want to take a closer look at the gorgeous views and beautiful surroundings of the accommodations at the Doron Yoga and Zen Center. The accommodations at the Doron Yoga and Zen Center in Tzununa, Guatemala are simple but beautiful, rustic, yet charming. Located up the hill from Lake Atitlan, you will find coffee, banana and other trees and lush vegetation abound on the Doron Yoga and Zen Center grounds. All of the green building accommodations are brand new and built for quality, comfort, and safety while being eco-buildings. The base for all of the rooms is a stone wall, which are made of stones from the land the center sits on, and are held strongly together with concrete. The other walls in the accommodations are made from wood, or at times bricks when they seek to have better sound insulation between the rooms. The rooms in the center display some of Guatemala’s amazing textiles, complementing both the wood and stone textures. You can enjoy a hot gas-powered shower in their semi-outdoor, beautiful stone and wood bathroom with upward glimpses of neighboring mountain tops along with banana and coffee trees. They use locally sourced building materials that are constructed by Tzununa locals. At the Center, they follow permaculture principles to ecologically enhance the quality of the eco buildings construction, and design functionality of the Center. They believe you will feel the difference.

Permaculture is the creative design process that is based on whole-systems thinking informed by ethics and design principles. This design approach mimics the patterns and relationships found in nature and can be applied to all aspects of human habitation, from agricultural to eco-building, from appropriate technology to education and even to economics. By adopting the ethics and applying these principles into your daily life, you can make the transition from being dependent consumers to becoming responsible producers. This journey builds the skills and resilience at home and in the local communities that will help you prepare for an uncertain future with less available energy. The techniques and strategies that are used to apply these principles vary widely depending on the location they are used, the climatic conditions and the natural resources that are available. The permaculture methods may differ, but the foundations to this holistic approach remain constant. By learning these simple principles, you can acquire valuable thinking tools that will help you become more resilient in an era of change.

You'll want to explore the zendo shala, the unique sustainable buildings and accommodations, the Buddha Cafe, the grounds, and the gardens. You can follow the river that runs through the Doron Yoga and Zen Center down into Lake Atitlan with its spectacular views of volcanoes and friendly Mayan neighbors dressed in bright, colorful textiles. The Doron Yoga Center is a spiritual, no-nonsense retreat Center that seeks practical solutions, which are based on real experiences rather than religious dogma. Some of the values at the Center include self-responsibility, integrity, honesty, transparency and care for each other are foundational values. At the Center, you will study, practice and integrate yoga and Zen-infused with regenerative living that is inspired by permaculture and the flexitarian method along with mindfulness actions. At the Center, you can unlearn the limiting conditioning in the safe home they offer. Learn how to live a joyful life to include art, nutrition, dance and philosophy programs to realize your full potential.

You will find these eco buildings on the Doron Yoga site. On the site, you will find more about Doron Yoga retreats and workshops, eco-building and sustainable building accommodations, gardens, scenic views and so much more. **

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