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If you happen to have microfiber furniture, it's essential to learn how to clean it properly. While microfibre has it's advantages such as being affordable and attractive; it stains fairly easily. Then, when you try and get the stains out of your furniture the water or detergent you use just seems to make it worse. You are usually left with an unsightly watermark on your furniture which is never desirable. Even though furniture salesmen lure you into buying microfibre furniture because of how easy it supposedly is to clean, you quickly realize that's not true. It's actually even harder to clean furniture when you have kids or pets who stain it frequently. Don't worry though; there are some cleaning tips that will help you get clean furniture. Since microfibre furniture is made up of tiny synthetic strands of fibre, hence, micro-fibre, it stains and washes differently than furniture that's made out of natural fibres like leather, suede and cotton. Synthetic fabrics can often not only stain easier than natural fabrics, but they can also collect odours easier too. This will be especially prevalent if you have pets. You can get odours out of your microfibre furniture by using essential oils in water and spray the underside of the furniture cushions with the spray. This will reduce odours, and it won't damage your furniture like other air fresheners might.

When it comes to stains on microfibre furniture, there are only a couple of ingredients that will successfully get stains out. Microfibre is made from polyester fibres so you can't use water on it because it will dry with a large stain on it. Your best bet is to follow cleaning tips that use rubbing alcohol or clear alcohol. You can check the label on your furniture to see if there are any specifications for what type of cleaning products can be used on it. Sometimes there won't even be a label though, so it's best to air on the side of caution and go with a cleaner that usually works really well on microfibre furniture. Rubbing alcohol is great for this synthetic material because it cleans and disinfects plus it evaporates leaving no trace or stains behind. You may also be able to remove your cushion covers off of the seat cushions and put them in the washing machine with a very mild detergent or no detergent and just some rubbing alcohol. You can also use clear alcohol like vodka if you like.

If you have a stain on your furniture and you want to spot clean furniture you can simply put some rubbing alcohol or vodka in a spray bottle on its own and spray it lightly on the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes and then come back with a stiff bristled brush and gently scrub the stain. If the stain is new, make sure you use a cloth or a sponge to blot out the stain from the furniture. Then take your brush and gently scrub the stained area using small, circular motions. Once you're finished cleaning the stain, you can allow the spot to dry completely. You'll notice that once microfibre dries it becomes a little crusty so you will want to brush out the fibres to they look nice again. Just take a dry brush and brush the fibres in one way and then the other to fluff them out. When you're happy with how that looks you can brush all of the fibres of the furniture going one way to create a continuous look. Try out these cleaning tips and keep your furniture clean and stain free.***

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