Cheddar Bay Biscuits just like Red Lobster

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Since these biscuits are made from scratch and can come to the dinner table straight from the oven these Cheddar Bay Biscuits just like Red Lobster are probably even better when you make them. These are a lovely biscuit that, because of the amount of fat in them, bake up with a lightly crunchy crust. That is a delicious kind of biscuit, since many homemade varieties have a soft exterior that leads to an even more tender interior.

These biscuits get help from a bisquick mix. You do not need to use that particular brand; any type of mix will do equally well. The commercial boxed mix helps produce the type of crunchy outside that you might get from the Red Lobster version. Here, though, you have made them at home, adding extra ingredients like butter and cheese, to ensure that these biscuits will have a really special flavor and texture. The sprinkle of fresh chopped parsley that gets sprinkled over these biscuits really adds a special finish, so do not leave that ingredient out.

These biscuits will serve beautifully with any soup or salad, or even a rich stew. Put plenty of butter on the table, and consider doubling the recipe—especially if serving biscuits is a new practice for you and your family. Be sure to serve them right from the oven, and keep them warm as long as possible. Because these biscuits lean on a commercial mix, your aspiring cooks and bakers could try to make these biscuits with a bit of help in the mixing and shaping (and baking, too, likely). Try these biscuits soon, perhaps with your next dinner—and make a great stew to complement them. Enjoy!

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