Cheddar Potato Rolls

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Who doesn't love a fresh, home baked buns? Especially cheesy buns! If you want a simple bun recipe to make at home, try out this recipe for Cheddar Potato Rolls. These bus seem really easy to make, and you don't need to be intimidated by making bread, it just takes some time and patience, so make them when you have enough time and energy to get them done. The potato is added in replacement of some of the flour in this recipe, which people have done for centuries, when there was an abundance of potatoes but not enough flour.

Bread is one of those staples that people have been eating since ancient days and so are potatoes. They both have always been made as a side to accompany meals and was affordable food items to make. People would be able to make it in pinch, with ingredients they most likely had on hand. Flour, yeast, sometimes eggs and milk are the only things really necessary to make a good, simple loaf of bread, and if there wasn't enough flour, just use a potato. Bread is generally pretty simple to make, especially if you are not making any of the fancy artisanal breads that have all of the crazy ingredients like nuts, fruit, seeds and olives. This recipe is definitely just for a very simple loaf of bread that will be good for sharing at dinner or for a snack.

If you bring these awesome Cheddar Potato Rolls to a gathering, people will be super impressed, especially if your rolls look as good as the ones in the photos with this recipe. Which, they most likely will, since you will be making it from this very recipe! Try out this recipe the next time you want to make a batch of homemade rolls! Head over to 'Handle the Heat' for more by following the link in the section below!

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