Cheese and Ham Pockets

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This cheese and ham pockets recipe is a delicious combination of chopped ham and cheddar cheese packed into a pastry and baked. This is a simple three-ingredient recipe provided on the Genius Kitchen website, which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to make these yummy snacks. Although the website recommends infusing these pockets with cheddar cheese, you can use whatever kind you like, such as swiss cheese or mozzarella. Just make sure the cheese isn’t overly powerful so that it takes over the natural taste of the ham. If you are looking for easy party appetizer recipes, look no further than these tasty bites. All you will have to do is form these and bake before serving for your holiday party or another event.

These ham and cheese pockets are such a fun food to make and eat that your kids may want to help with the assembly. This appetiser recipe starts with canned refrigerated dough, which is excellent since it is ready for you to use right away. This ham and cheese recipe suggests flattening the dough to make the pastry even thinner. Although you could simply press the dough with your hands, a rolling pin lightly dusted with flour would work well too. Be sure to flour your working surface as well so that the dough doesn’t stick and tear. Your children can help with filling the portioned dough and folding into little parcels. The dough will be easy to work with and is quite forgiving as it puffs up in the oven and hides any deformities. Once baked, these cheese and ham appetisers will be as delicious as after-school snacks as they would be at your holiday potluck.

Although this appetiser recipe doesn’t include an egg wash, it would be ideal for taking these bites over the top. Brushing dough with egg whisked with water gives the finished product a glossy and golden finish, making them look extra appealing. Moreover, the egg wash can help with sealing the parcels, as this cheese and ham recipe doesn’t include water or egg for sealing, and it would help with making sure they don’t pop open in the oven. For those who would like a little more pizzazz in their appetisers, you could add some fresh herbs to the filling, like parsley or dill if desired. Some readers have even suggested adding a mixture of honey and mustard to the ham, which would help give more sweetness and tanginess to these bites and add more moisture to the mixture. Additionally, you could make one of the best dip recipes ever by mixing hot mustard with honey and simply dip the bites in when you serve.

The best part of this cheese and ham pockets recipe is how versatile they are. Different people who have tried this dish already have opted to use alternative meats in the filling with tremendous success. Leftover cooked sausage, chicken or chopped shrimp would all work well in this appetiser recipe. Other people have tried making these into a pizza pocket type bite as well, by filling the pastry with a combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. If you are entertaining a lot over the holidays and happen to have leftover ham in the fridge, these bites are a great use for it. These are perfect if you require easy entertaining dinner ideas too. Any glaze you added to the ham during initial cooking will add plenty of extra flavour to these bites. Thank you to the Genius Kitchen food website for sharing this cheese and ham pockets recipe with us.

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