Cheeseburer Macaroni Skillet

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Macaroni and cheeseburger will become a pair and will become a part of easy pasta meals that will be a great inclusion to dinner ideas with pasta and cheese. With the wide variety of pasta dish recipes out there this offering from Angie that can be made from preparation to cooking in less than an hour might be your go to recipe. Easy pasta meals might not sound good since usually anything that is made easy is not always considered good but that is a not always true. You can make pasta dish recipes that are easy and they can still be a gourmands dream with love and caring included in the recipe.

Dinner ideas with pasta usually start with fresh made pasta but that doesn’t always have to be the plan. Many great casserole dishes are made with leftover pasta. Some of the best pasta dishes out there are also made with pasta that you cooked previously and have stored well in the fridge. That is the beauty of pasta. You can boil your favorite pasta and then shock it with cold water right after it comes off the stove. This shocking will quickly bring down the heat, since after boiling most things continue to cook since they are so hot, and once you cool it down quickly you can drain it and add some canola oil or any oil you prefer other than olive oil since this tends to harden a bit. Once you’ve added the oil to it you can place the cooked and oiled pasta into a container and then it can be refrigerated for at least 4 to 5 days and can be readily heated up in hot, not boiling water, and used for your favorite recipes. Recipes like this one are perfect for pasta that is precooked since it takes at least 10 minutes off the total cooking and prepping time. The endless opportunities and recipes that can be made with pasta take the guesswork out of that hectic time when you get back from work and don’t have much time to start prepping and making an meal for your loved ones or just for yourself. You can either have your own sauce pre made and frozen or there are many great brands of pre made pasta in the supermarket as well. You can simply make the pasta in oil and fried garlic with some spices of your choosing and add cheese to the top to make a quick meal.

Recipes like this one from Angie gives you the option of adding ground beef and cheese to the equation but you can substitute the ground beef for maybe ground lean turkey, or chicken and you can just go with the cheese and add veggies. That is the beauty of recipes they give you chances to change them up to cater them to your needs. Thanks to Angie of Big Bears Wife Blog for this yummy Cheeseburger Macaroni Skillet recipe. Make it and find another home for the versatile pasta we all love. Bon apetit.**

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