Cheeseburger and Fries Shepherds Pie

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Here is another Friday night recipe in this Cheeseburger and Fries Shepherd’s Pie. This is something you just make for the fun of it and never question whether this is some thing that you or your kids really ought to be eating. Close your eyes and enjoy this fun and decadent snack. This dish is comfort food at its best.

A few ingredients including ground beef and mushroom soup get cooked up with plenty of cheese (you can probably choose your favorite cheeses if you want) then topped with commercial French fries. Cook the whole thing until it is bubbly and the fries are crisp. Dig in. The web site shows very polite servings, but I would set the entire dish on the floor and let people scoop and steal bites, as they wanted to. This is a family floor night like none other. Some times you just have to set the manners aside, and dig in, and this dish is perfect for it. Just keep your eyes out for drive by Fido, who might be tempted to lick up a French fry (or three).

This is a super easy dish to make. It is best for a snack, but if you want to serve it for dinner, there is plenty of good protein in the beef, and loads of calcium and magnesium, protein and other great stuff in the cheese. The soup is all right if you get a low sodium variety, and French fries? Well, two out of three items is pretty good, right? Enjoy this dish whenever you want something that really hits the spot for comfort food, or that can convince the kids to stay home at least one night of the week. This dish will convince them. Enjoy it whenever you want. The kids will ask for it time and again.

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