Cheeseburger Soup

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Cheeseburger flavors in a stew? Yes, please! Healthy dinner recipes are a must-have on the list when it comes to preparing family meals. This Cheeseburger Soup recipe is incredibly tasty with a delicious Creamy texture to it. Healthy dinner recipes with veggies are an excellent way to sneak in all the essential nutrients in family meals. It’s also a quick dinner option to consider making for busy weeknights because it comes together in no time. A bowl of this delicious hot soup with a piece of garlic or sourdough bread, or grilled meat or will make a comforting meal for lunch or dinner. It’s perfectly silky in consistency and ideal to be eaten on its own or served on a bed of fluffed rice. You could also pre-make this delicious stew recipe in bulk and freeze it just so that you have a healthy meal readily available whenever you are too busy to cook. Healthy dinner recipes made from scratch are a huge advantage when it comes to family dinner ideas because they taste nothing like store-bought meals filled with preservatives and artificial flavors. You can use this recipe to make a vegan version as well with just the veggies.

Did you know that potatoes are naturally fat-free, gluten free and cholesterol free? Potatoes have a high content of potassium, iron and vitamin c with the right kind of carbohydrates your body needs. The popular belief that potatoes are highly starchy and fatty vegetable is not always true. Sure it is not a good idea to eat a bag of potato chips or fries, but potatoes are very healthy when roasted or boiled and can be eaten in moderation. In essence, it ultimately boils down to the fact that potatoes are healthy but how you eat them adds or takes away its nutritional value. A serving size of six small potatoes has just 120 calories which is an ideal dinner option.

When cooking with any meat, it's important to practice safe methods of handling it to prevent cross-contamination. By handling meat the safe way, you can avoid 80 percent of food-borne illnesses. The only way to keep the bacteria out of your kitchen and surroundings is through cleaning your hands thoroughly before and after handling food, especially meat. Always refrigerate or freeze meat for later use under all circumstances to prevent salmonella.

You can modify the flavours even more in this recipe by adding ingredients of your choice such as cilantro, basil or turmeric. You can also add more than one variety of cheese. If you wish to make it healthier, you can, by all means, use lean turkey or chicken breast chunks in the place of beef. For additional nutrition, add veggies like diced bell peppers, mushrooms, butternut or acorn squash that will make the stew hearty and thick. You can add greens like kale, spinach, or even arugula that are rich in B vitamins. Healthy dinner recipes always have an option of preparing them the way you want by adding any healthy ingredient, and it is also a great way of sneaking in all the healthy goodness that kids can’t say no.

Thank you to Mary Ellen at That's My Home recipe blog for sharing this Cheeseburger Soup recipe with us. Mary promotes quick dinner recipes on her website along with healthy dinner recipes. Do visit her website for more wonderful food ideas. If you're someone that loves hot stew recipes in cold winters, then this is a great beef stew recipe you’re going to love eating. Everyone in the family is going to love slurping some too!

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