Cheesecake Bites

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Looking for a new treat for you, hubby, and the kids? Well, you may want to give this recipe for Cheesecake Bites a try! It’s quick and easy and it’s another great one we found over at Kat’s Kitchen.

This article comes with a little disclaimer – please note, these tasty cheesecake pops could be extremely addictive. Please don’t let their small size fool you! They’re so easy to eat, and so seemingly innocuous, that you may have eaten 20-30 before you realize you’ve gone too far. Way too far! But damn, they are GOOD.

Perfect for potlucks, camping, and birthday parties, these cheesecake bites are wee squares of cheesecake dipped in chocolate and covered in nuts. Talk about the perfect combo of texture, flavour, and layers! And, thanks to a fluke discovery by the chef’s little brother, you can also stick ’em on a sucker stick. This way, eating them can be as easy at it is fun.

(Oh, but be warned – they are already pretty darned easy to eat!)

And who is this brilliant chef at Kat’s Kitchen anyway? Well her name is Stacie and she’s from Northwest Indiana. What’s the most interesting thing about Stacie? She says she loves to bake but doesn’t enjoy cooking as much. But judging from all of the wonderful recipes she has to offer – baking and cooking alike – she’s excellent at both, and has a wealth of delicious recipe info to share. We’re so grateful to her for inventing and collecting these awesome recipes and for putting them out there for us all to try!

So, let’s do it! Let’s get started on these famous Cheesecake Bites right now.

Want to learn more about these yummy Cheesecake Bites? Then head on over to the “Kats Kitchen” website by following the link in the description below!

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