Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Bundt Cake

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This yummy Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Bundt Cake recipe is worth raving about because it’s a cheesecake-meets-chocolate type of cake. The sweet flavour of chocolate combined with the tanginess of the cheesecake is what makes it a hit. Who wouldn’t like to kill two desserts in one go? There are so many amazing cake recipes out there, but not many recipes will tell you how to bake a cake that tastes this delicious. This Chocolate Bundt Cake recipe is incredibly moist, rich and has that extra soft and light texture to it. Not to mention the gooey, fudgy glaze of chocolate drizzle on top. This Chocolate Bundt Cake recipe is one of the best chocolate Bundt cake recipes from scratch and devilishly delicious for all the chocolate lovers. Baking a cake is an art, and you can always use your imagination by adding the ingredients of your choice especially when baking a cake like this one. You could whip up fluffy white Marshmallow for the frosting or simply add crumbled Toblerone bits on the chocolate glaze.

This chocolate cake recipe uses a generous amount of chocolate and sour cream which brings this cake to life. Sour cream contains bacteria cultures that tenderize the gluten in the cake batter resulting in a more dense and moist texture. You can substitute sour cream with Greek Yogurt or full fat thick plain yogurt or simply use the fat-free sour cream to cut down the calories. Usually, cakes with full-fat sour cream tend to be denser and moist compared to other substitutes. Regarding calories, two tablespoons of sour cream contain 60 calories, while the fat-free sour cream has only 25 calories. You may choose the variety that is right for you without compromising on the taste. The texture may vary based on the type of sour cream you choose.

An important baking tip to make that perfect shaped Chocolate Bundt Cake is thorough greasing and flour dusting in the cake pan. Make sure to cover the pan with plenty of butter and dust it with flour covering all the sides. For a chocolate cake like this one, you could dust the pan with cocoa powder which makes for a prettier presentation. After pouring the chocolate cake batter into the pan, thump it a few times to let the air pockets escape and allow the batter into all the corners of the pan. Always let the cake stand for 10 minutes when you remove the cake from the oven. Did you know that November 15 is the National Bundt cake day? Bundt cakes originated way back in the 1900s in Europe.

Thank you to Tessa at the ‘Handle the Heat’ food blog for sharing this decadent Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Bundt Cake recipe with us. Do visit her blog for more amazing cake recipes. This recipe is one of the best chocolate Bundt cake recipes from scratch you’ll ever find especially because of the cheesecake surprise in it. Bake this dreamy chocolate cake today and relish it!

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