Cheesecake Lemon Bars

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Everyone loves a nice lemony treat in the summer time and the spring time! Try out these awesome looking Cheesecake Lemon Bars sometime this summer or in the spring time. Nothing is better than a nice lemony dessert when the weather is starting to be warmer, its just one of those flavours that smells and tastes to fresh and refreshing. It seems to be the perfect flavour for sending out the colder months and refreshing everything. Much like when you do spring cleaning and use lemony scents to bring in an air of freshness, the lemony desserts bring in a wave of freshness to our dessert plate, instead of all of the heavier, chocolatey or creamy desserts of winter, this one is nice and light and fresh in flavour!

These can be made very simply, although there are a lot of layers like a sugar cookie crust, with the layer of cream cheese and then the layer of lemon, much like one that would be used for a lemon meringue pie. They are very similar to the lemon squares that are made with the simple cookie dough crust but this time, with the creamy layer of cream cheese, which just adds a nice balance for the lemon and cookie. They would taste so amazing!

Cheese cakes have been made since the ancient Greek times, and were one of their specialties, they would serve it with fruit and honey and the cake usually wasn't probably cooked like it is today. Then Romans adopted their own recipe of the cheese cake and now there are different recipes all over the world. Like in Italy, they make it with ricotta cheese, because that is what they are used to. And things like these squares that are made based on the cheese cake recipe. Head over to 'Cooking Classy' by following the link in the section below for the recipe and more!

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