Cheesy Bacon Chicken Pierogi Bake

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This cheesy bacon chicken pierogi bake will make everyone in your house big time fans of this traditional Eastern European dish. Pierogi are a delicate and delicious, tender and flavorful, dumpling type of dish, native to Poland. In fact, it is a national dish of that country. The word, pierogi, is in the plural. The singular term, pierog, is not usually used because pierogi are traditionally served two at a time. Pierogi is dough that is traditionally filled with meat, sauerkraut and mushrooms. The Ruthenian pierogi is one many people have tried made from a blend of potato and cheese. It is a delicate and fabulous treat.

This recipe skips making the pierogi and uses commercially prepared ones instead. That method is a great way to start for such a recipe, but do make your own from scratch at some point. They are not particularly difficult to master, and even if they turn out a bit rubbery the first few times you make them, over time you will learn to create the tender food. And, it will certainly become a favorite of everyone. In any event, this recipe prepares bacon and other ingredients to pour over the pierogi and then bakes the whole thing to serve it up nice and hot. The nice thing about a casserole dinner is how easy it is to put together and serve right from the cooking dish. And casseroles, being what they are, can often be served at room temperature. This dish is no exception and will be equally yummy right out of the oven or a few hours later.

This is a very filling dish, and a great one for picnics, family and friend get togethers or other big events. Just a little bit of this dish will go a long way.

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