Cheesy Beef Skillet Dinner

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Planning the meals seems to be harder than cooking them. That is where having ideas come your way is helpful. This Cheesy Beef Skillet Dinner is one of the 'easy ones' to prepare.

I have such fond memories of my mother and her sister, who left us long ago. My mother just loved the magazines featuring recipes. She also loved the fully illustrated color recipe books, and it was easy to find the perfect Mother's Day gift for her, with yet another recipe book from some other culture. I will always have a vision of her sitting in her chair, reading the recipe books and her sister phoning her from the other side of the country (when phone calls had unlimited time for x-number of dollars). They would of both been in their 70's at that time, and they would discuss recipes and techniques as well as what they had baked for the grandchildren that week. They would talk about the flavors and how they would do this or that next time. Yes, reading recipes and sharing them is a joy for many. That is no doubt why you are enjoying the posts that are coming your way from the internet.

My mother was Ukrainian, and boy could she not only cook, she could bake as well, and she loved the process so, lucky us. We ate homemade meals, and we learned our way around the kitchen under her guidance.

We often would say, 'If I could just decide what to make tonight, it would be so easy, but I just can't think of anything inspiring!' We think you may be inspired by this recipe for a Cheesy Beef Skillet Dinner featured from 'The Recipe Rebel'. There are several great reasons this is a good recipe. It is easy, the ingredients are simple and even the children should like them. If you have a family that does not like green peppers, you can omit it or substitute red pepper instead. As the onions go on in the end, again for the fussy little eater, that can be omitted. All the other ingredients are pretty child-friendly!

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