Cheesy, Beefy Stuffed Shells

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Cheesy, Beefy Stuffed Shells are a fabulous dish to make as well as to eat. It is tons of fun to make the various parts—meat, shells, and cheese blend—and then to stuff and smother the whole thing into a casserole dish and bake it. Then it’s even more fun to pull out the shells and gobble them up. They are a totally yummy and filling blend of meat, cheese and pasta. Be sure to try this recipe out.

This recipe is made in three parts that are then pulled together for the entire dish. Don’t be intimidated. It’s easy, when you take it step by step. If you have helping hands that are willing to step up, it’s a great family affair to make this dish. The recipe recommends you to slightly under cook the pasta shells. This recommendation cannot be overstated. Be sure that you cook the shells one or even two minutes less than is called for. They should still have a very firm bite, but not be still breakable as they are when uncooked. You do not want them floppy at all, but firm. But don’t worry. Any way these turn out, your family will gobble them up because of all the cheese and spicy beef flavor that is also part of this dish.

This is a great dish when you want to leave something out for busy kids and parents as they run here and there. It tastes great hot and bubbling from the oven, but is still fantastic at room temperature. Be sure to refrigerate it overnight, of course, because of the meat and cheese. Enjoy this recipe tonight, and it will become a family request every week. This recipe comes together in about 30 minutes and bakes for about one hour before serving.

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