Cheesy Chicken Alfredo Casserole

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A cheesy chicken Alfred casserole is a delicious and filling meal to serve your family any day of the week. It is also nice enough to take to a family gathering, bring to a BBQ, or even serve to guests when they drop in to dinner.To make this meal extra special you can marinate the chicken for several hours or overnight. This process makes the chicken more tender and brings the flavor of the marinade in to the meal. The marinade can be as simple as a pre-made dressing or buttermilk.

This dinner is made from scratch. There are several ingredients, but just make sure you have them out and ready to add as needed. The process of ensuring that your ingredients are at the ready is called mise en place; that is, everything in tis place. That way you won’t have to interrupt your dinner preparations to find out whether you have the things you need. There is a two-step process to this meal, in addition to boiling the pasta, which means that young cooks can try their hand at either preparing and cooking chicken or making the cheese sauce. Alfredo sauce, at its most simple, is a blend of little more than wine and parmesan cheese and butter, know in Italian as “pasta al burro e parmigiano.” Made this way, it is an extraordinarily rich sauce and very little is needed to create a wonderful dish for a lot of people. It was invented in the mid-20th century.

Alfredo dishes have become more popular and made with lighter ingredients in order to lower calories and remove alcohol from the dish. These versions are also often delicious. Commercial varieties use thickeners rather than pure butter and cheese to achieve the same sort of results. However, a homemade Alfred will pretty much always beat something prepared commercially. A green side salad or other dark greens such as kale, broccoli, or asparagus are also delicious accompaniments to the Alfredo dish.If you ever visit Italy, you will find that pasta dishes are surprisingly simple. Pasta sauces barely coat the pasta and small servings are the norm. The flavors are always fantastic, and it almost does not make any difference where you stop to eat. You will find the food fantastic.

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