Cheesy Chicken and Mushroom Pie

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Can anything be better than Cheesy Chicken and Mushroom Pie? This recipe is the real deal (with a little help from some pre-cooked chicken strips), complete with great veggies and puff pastry on top. This dish will fill up every one in the family and be a smash hit at the dinner table. It does not take too long to put together and is fairly economical to make.

Be sure to buy the chicken already cooked to save lots of time making this pie. The recipe shows you how to prepare a creamy sauce, loaded with mushrooms. Then the chicken is added, a few more seasonings, and finally, the puff pastry. Puff pastry makes a light crunchy and buttery topping that works perfectly against the sultry flavor of the chicken. The cheese gives lots of pop to the entire dish. This dish is filling and terrific. Mushrooms are loaded with plenty of vitamins and minerals, and give great depth of flavor to this dish. This dish also has lots of protein from the meat, plenty of calcium and magnesium from the cheese, and flavor from both. This combination of ingredients will be enjoyed by whomever you share it with. The kids can likely help with this dish by shaping the pastry dough on top, helping to grate the cheese, stir the sauce, and other tasks they will enjoy. Reward them with some cheese, and they should be happy.

Serve this dish on a night when the family needs comfort food. This dish will fit the bill. Chicken is appreciated by almost everyone, and if you use pre-cooked, this dish will come together with ease. Book mark the recipe, and try it soon. Your family will appreciate, and so will you. Enjoy.

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