Cheesy Chicken Florentine

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Good family meals usually start with a recipe and some inspiration. Dinner ideas with pasta are always ones that you love to cook and are also not too intimidating. The best chicken recipes are not always the first one you find but with some hope and trying many different ones you will eventually find one that can be included in your good family meals folder. Never be worried if the recipe you find has one or more ingredients or spices you might not love since the wonderful thing about recipes is that you can arrange them to include things you love and your diners also will enjoy. Dinner ideas with pasta like this one from Kristy can be takeoffs from other ones.

Chicken Florentine has ben around for hundreds of years and this is just one take off of it. So if you change it around when it comes to leaving out chicken or adding turkey instead you are truly becoming a recipe author and might have the next best thing. The best chicken recipes always include some love and if you add love to your cooking then your diners will always appreciate the effort. Use recipes like you would a GPS while you drive and they will have a destination for you but you are the driver so the eventual path you take is yours and yours alone. They should inspire you to greater things.

Casseroles like this recipe from Kristy are a great way to include many ingredients and you can make great use of many leftovers. Pasta and chicken you might have had leftover from a meal can be easily included in a recipe like this one since the Florentine part comes from the spices and sauce you use. The modern casserole as we know it today is made with different types of meat, pasta and vegetables. It was originally used in 1866 when it was first included in a recipe book and it was probably thought of because whoever decided to make it probably had many great leftovers that they didn’t want to just heat and reserve as usual. All of us today and all the recipes for it owe a great debt to this person and the ones that eventually put it down on paper since today’s casserole recipes are varied and authentic in there cooking and are now available in many different cultures on every continent.

You have many different opportunities to use chicken with pasta and cheese in many recipes but the easiest and most comforting way to get them together is to put them all in a casserole dish or pan and add sauce and that could be as easy as using a canned cream one or one of your own. The spices and cheeses you use can vary since some people like certain spicy or mild cheeses and the spices can range from nutmeg, paprika, garlic powder or as simple as salt and pepper. Thanks to Kristy of Mommy Hates Cooking Blog for this yummy Cheesy Chicken Florentine Recipe that finds another home for pasta, chicken and cheese. Bon apetit.**

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