Cheesy Chicken n Chips

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Enjoy this Cheesy Chicken n Chips recipe with family and friends on a night when you are all in playing board games. This Cheesy Chicken n Chips recipe is a great snack to break up the evening and fill tummies half way through the evening. And it is something that you can prepare ahead of time and then heat and serve right as the Cheesy Chicken n Chips come out of the oven. They will be delicious. And let people help themselves right from the oven pan (once you have let it all cool down for at least several minutes!) and save you some dish duty. Just hand out small plates so people can load up with as much as they want to enjoy. This is a great recipe that everyone will want to try.

This recipe starts with whole chicken breasts, but do not be afraid to use the dark meat, if you happen to have some frozen in your household freezer. Some canned soup really helps things along with this recipe, and will help to make the chicken much more moist, and add lots of richness to the cheesy part of this cheesy chicken n chips recipe. The kids will want to help because this recipe involves corn chips that they can crush (and eat) to their hearts content. The chips are layered between the chicken and cheese and add some great texture to this recipe.

This recipe has loads of protein in it, and plenty of good vitamins and minerals. It is a high fat recipe, so take care in just how much of it you eat. As well, you might consider choosing a low sodium soup in order to control some of the salt that is found in this recipe. But any way that you prepare this cheesy chicken n chips recipe, every one will want some, and then want some more. So make plenty. There is little doubt that every bite of this great cheesy chicken n chips recipe will not get gobbled up by your hungry kids, friends, and other guests who might drop by tonight.

This recipe can be made during the day, ahead of time, if that helps you to relax and enjoy the evening more. Although you might not want to assemble everything, because the chips might get soggy, you can prepare everything in order that you just layer the cheese, chicken and other ingredients. That will help to speed things up and allow you to not miss out on anything that might be going on. This is a great recipe that you will want to keep bookmarked and pull out whenever you want to make a snack loaded with goodness.

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