Cheesy Chicken Nacho Stuffed Peppers

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There are many different countries that make stuffed pepper recipes and many of them are easy stuffed pepper recipes. Making easy stuffed pepper recipes is nice especially when you can combine them with healthy stuffed pepper recipes. Melissa brings us a tasty pepper recipe and with your own touch it can be easily made into one of the more healthy stuffed pepper recipes. Easy stuffed pepper recipes are not always as easy as one might think. Preparation and cooking time can make or break your pepper creations so don’t think because something says easy that it necessarily is without some time and patience. Peppers are great to cook and are very healthy and if you take your time they can be tastily stuffed with a multitude of different ingredients.

Until the early 1500's, peppers of any kind were not grown in the New World; it was the Spanish explorers who brought them here. They also brought tomatoes, squash, potatoes, apples, and many other foods. Over the years threw the expansion of their empires, France, Spain, Portugal, England and the Dutch brought these foods to India and Asia. Rice is something that is included in many stuffed pepper recipes has been grown in Italy since around 1200 AD and was brought there by the Moors (Arabic Army) to Sicily and eventually made its way to Spain. Stuffed peppers in American cooking is not that old and is a dish where bell peppers (often the green orred variety) are typically filled with a stuffing such as ground beef mixed with breadcrumbs or cooked rice, egg, herbs, and spices (especially paprika and parsley) and cheese.

Recipes often vary but usually include the following steps: removal of the seeds of the pepper, boiling and cooling them, stuffing them, covering them with cheese, and baking them. You can also cook them on the stove top at a slow simmer in canned tomato sauce until the peppers are almost soft to the touch. A sauce may be served with them or included in the stuffing mix and that is always up to the individual recipe. Stuffed peppers or piementos rollenos are part of traditional Spanish cooking and have been since the very first ones, especially that of the region of the Basque County. In Italy stuffed pepper recipes are more commonly calling for a rice and ground beef and tomato sauce filling but as the regions differ so do the stuffing ingredients. As per most places each region has a staple food that is usually incorporated into most of the cooking methods and recipes.Melissa takes the ingredients usually found in Mexican cuisine, especially taco or burritos, and blends them together to grace a wonderful bell pepper and make the stuffed pepper into an adventure south of the border. Thanks to Melissa of Chin Deep Blog for her yummy Cheesy Chicken Nacho Stuffed Peppers. So when the mood swings and you feel the need to visit the land of the Aztecs take a slow oven to Mexico and get your favorite drink and have your very own fiesta of the stuffed pepper variety. Bon apetit.**

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