Cheesy Chicken Rice Skillet

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Cheesy Chicken Rice and Peppers Skillet dinner is just what you need on days when you are running behind and you want to get the meal on the table with ease. Peppers of any color, red, green, orange or yellow, are wonderful complements to chicken. Rice works well with chicken, of course, and offers a great visual contrast to the colorful peppers. Use either white rice or brown, whichever suits your mood that night. Together, this chicken, veggies and rice are a fantastic meal blend that will tantalize and satisfy the taste buds of every one who eats it.

Peppers are a great vegetable, and each color offers its own unique flavor. That is why it is so much fun to blend peppers. You still get a pot pourri of tastes even though they are all just peppers. A red pepper is quite sweet and stir fries up lovely and tender, green peppers are much more robust and firm to the bite, whereas yellow and orange peppers seem to fall somewhere in between. Using a range of colors also means a wide range of nutrients, too, like beta carotene from orange and yellow veggies as well as a broad range or carotenoids. In addition, peppers offer loads of vitamin C, B6, and A, to name just some of the goodies in these veggies. Use the ones that appeal to you most in this dish. All of them will work well with the chicken and rice.

Rice is another food that we are now eating more of, and there are plenty of very different varieties to eat. Although the flavors in the range of white rice are sometimes hard to distinguish, with time you can appreciate their subtleties. Brown rice would work very well in this recipe, whether short or long grained. Try this recipe soon. It could become a standard that you share often with your family.

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