Cheesy Chicken Taco Stack

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This recipe for a Cheesy Chicken Taco Stack will be an absolute thrill for your family, especially the kids. The various ingredients are stacked up between taco shells (soft ones) then baked in to a round cake. It is just as pretty as it could be. When you serve it, spoon various dips such as sour cream, salsa, chopped avocado or guacamole, and other things your family loves with its tacos so they can scoop it up with their taco stack. This is a great family dish and one that will keep your family around the dinner table longer. Serve it with tall glasses of soda and fresh lime, basil and mint for a really refreshing drink.

This dish is made with chicken, and it could also be made with beef or made vegetarian with tofu beef. If you prefer to avoid soy, but are still vegetarian, use a blend of beans, such as black beans and red kidney beans instead, layered with hard boiled sliced eggs. This cheesy chicken taco stack is a rich and filling meal. Small slices will go a long way to feeding your family a great blend of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Balance this meal out with some dark green salad, or plenty of sliced avocadoes, which work wonderfully with these kinds of dishes.

This meal is pretty easy to pull together and so it will not take you much time to make. But if time is really pressing, buy the chicken already cooked. That will save you a huge step in the preparation and let you have this dish on the table in just a few minutes. This cheesy chicken taco stack is quick, easy and delicious. Serve it with plenty of greens on the side and dips and sauces including salsa and avocado. Your family will ask for it time and again.

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