Cheesy Creole Shepherds Pie

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Shepherds pie (also known as Cottage Pie when it contains beef, instead of lamb) is the epitome of comfort food. Hearty, warm, heavy and filling, I love making this dish at the beginning of the week because it makes a lot, and I can eat off it over the course of the next seven days. The Creole Contessa has come up with a unique, Creole take on this British classic, the Cheesy Creole Shepherds Pie.

In early cook books, like many casserole-type dishes, the shepherds pie was a means of getting rid of any excess meat one might have had lying around. Its called Shepherds Pie because it was traditionally made with lamb (shep = sheep in old English). You can really use any meat you like to make this dish, depending on your own personal tastes, but the Creole Contessas version calls for turkey because the author personally loves the taste of ground turkey. I think the leanness of turkey would be a nice touch on this dish. Shepherds pie, like most other meat pies from the UK, was traditionally, classic peasant food. It was originally called cottage pie because the people most likely to be eating it were usually inhabitants of cottages; small, humble dwellings lacking modern comforts. Funny how the word cottage nowadays conjures images of trendy, 6000 square foot mansions on lake-front property.

The cheese on the Creole Shepherds pie is also a nice touch. For those of you who have experimented with cheese and mashed potatoes in the past, you know what I'm talking about. You also do not need to stick to the script when it comes to vegetables for this recipe. You can mix and match things you like to change the flavor or texture to your liking.

I know you are going to like this hearty, humble, Creole take on a classic, so follow the link at the bottom of this article to the 'Creole Contessa' for the full recipe and how-to.

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