Cheesy Garlic Bread Hand Pies

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Try these out some night when every one is staying home to watch some thing that is on the television. These Cheesy Garlic Bread Hand Pies are a perfect snack, especially if you are watching some thing scary. Make plenty, too, because they will be gobbled up quickly. They are cheap and easy to make, too, so you won’t be stuck in the kitchen very long getting these together for the family.

The recipe makes it easy by offering two ways to get the dough—and both of them are from your dairy case. That is always terrific because it means that you get a helping hand to get these pies put together quickly and easily. Get help from the family, too, to help things move along. You simply cut out dough rounds to make a top and bottom and then fill it with a cheese and garlic blend that is easy to make. Put them together like little hand pies and fry them in just enough oil to get them nice and crispy. No need for a deep fry, but do watch the splattering.

These little treats are nice, quick, and fun. They will hit the spot on a late Friday night when you just get a little peckish late in the evening. Serve them with tomato sauce, or if you prefer, some kind of Alfredo sauce, if you have some hanging around. Every one will enjoy this little snack. It is crunchy, loaded with melted cheese and plenty of garlic. Do not try and count the calories. Some snacks are just meant to be enjoyed without any concerns but how delicious they are. Make Cheesy Garlic Bread Hand Pies soon for your family, and they will ask for it often.

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