Cheesy Garlic Sticks

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Try these Cheesy Garlic Sticks and enjoy them as a snack, for part of a meal, to serve to guests and friends when they stop by, or any other time you want something that is filled with garlic and cheese. This recipe uses two different kinds of cheese to give some nice depth to the meal. It also starts with pizza dough, so the whole thing gets cooked up fresh and delicious. You could also work with your own dough, made from scratch, and is easy to make. Any way you start, be sure to finish with a blend of cheeses. Any cheese is improved when another one is blended with it because you appreciate each cheese for its own flavor as well as the combined taste.

This recipe is quick, easy and cheap to pull together. The kids will love it because it looks like a total cheese pizza—and it really is, in a way. Bread smothered in cheese . . . what could be better? This is also a great accompaniment to a light lunch. Serve these Cheesy Garlic Sticks with soup or a great green salad. It’s a perfect lunch or light dinner. If you want more, these Cheesy Garlic Sticks will taste great with chicken, beef and fish, too. Basically, in any meal where you would want to serve a bread, these sticks can work well.

The nice thing about this recipe is that you start with a dough and bake up the entire dish fresh and warm. Not too much can beat fresh bread, and the smell coming from the oven alone will have your family lined up, plates at the ready, for when this dish comes out. Enjoy it soon!

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