Cheesy Jalapeno Lime Chicken Enchiladas

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Just the title of this recipe can assure you that it will be delicious. How is it possible to go wrong with cheesy jalapeno lime chicken enchiladas? You know this will be a comfort food eater’s delight, and serve your family well in winter or summer. Make a big batch and bring it to a summer get-together or wherever family and friends are gathering. This dish is sure to be a great hit.

This dish has several steps to make the perfect enchilada. You might want to read over the recipe before you begin. This recipe is meant for a more advanced cook, although with patience, a newer cook will have great success. Be sure to check the ingredients list for all the various ingredients and that you have them in the kitchen.

Because of the long list required to make the jalepeno lime sauce, it is a good idea to get them all together and set them out in the order that you will use them. This is called mise en place, a French phrase meaning to put in place. This way you know you have all the ingredients that you need for this particular recipe, you use them in order, and don’t forget any of them, and you remove the item from the order once you use it to ensure that you don’t use it twice. It is a tidy and organized approach to something that is a bit more complicated and lengthy.

The recipe loads plenty of cheese against the snap of jalepeno, wraps it up in the soft tortilla, bakes it and serves it with more sauce. A crisp and bright side salad, or a quick side of sour cream, yogurt and banana (or cucumber) would make a great side to this dish.

This is Southwestern cooking at its best, and well worth the extra time and effort to try it out.

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