Cheesy Potato Soup

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Soup weather, as this website, Lil’ Luna, calls it means that you get a chance to try terrific recipes such as this one for Cheesy Potato Soup. And this recipe looks fabulous because of how it is served. Rather than using the usual soup bowls, small and round thick bread is cut in to with a hole from the top, and the insides are scooped out. The soup is served right in to the bread bowl, a fun and delicious way to serve it out. This method works best on thick soups, ones that are perhaps more like stew, as this cheesy potato soup is.

This soup is super easy, aided with plenty of pre-packaged and commercial foods. So get the kids to pull it together for you while you prepare the bread bowls, which need to be made a bit carefully to ensure there are no holes from too quick hands pulling out the bread! You can now purchase bread bowls that are already emptied, but they are also easy to make. Rather than tossing out the bread, you can easily season it with a mixture of butter, oil, garlic, onion and your favorite herbs such as thyme, as well as salt and pepper, then toast them in the oven. Sprinkle them over the bread bowl and serve the extras on the table for people to munch along with the soup.

This is a great recipe, just in time for the cold weather. Every one loves a rich and thick, filling bowl of soup when the air gets nippy. Book mark this page, and on the first really cold day, make it for you and your family. It will be terrific. Enjoy this recipe soon. Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Lil' Luna.

Nutrition Facts for: Cheesy Potato Soup From Lil' Luna
Ingredients: Cubed frozen hash browns,canned cream of chicken soup, canned cream of celery soup, half & half cream, cheddar cheese, butter, salt, pepper.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 200, Calories from Fat 80, Total Fat 8.9g 14%, Saturated Fat 3.3g 16%, Cholesterol 19mg 6%, Sodium 810mg 34%, Potassium 525mg 15%, Carbohydrates 26.4g 9%, Dietary Fiber 2.8g 11%, Sugars 3.1g, Protein 4.5g, Vitamin A 7%, Vitamin C 35%, Calcium 4%, Iron 9%

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