Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

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This cheesy scalloped potatoes recipe brings back an old favorite in an easy to make recipe the whole family will love. If you enjoyed scalloped potatoes as a kid, you'll want to try this recipe just like grandma used to make. For this cheesy scalloped potatoes recipe, you'll need simple ingredients to include butter, all-purpose flour, milk, cheddar cheese, russet potatoes, cooked ham and parsley.

This cheesy scalloped potatoes recipe is just one of the potato food ideas you can try. It's hard to imagine menu planning without adding some potato recipes here and there. Potatoes are nutritious, high in potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6, while sweet potatoes have high amounts of vitamin A and beta-carotene. And you can cook them a variety of different ways. When cooked potatoes can be transformed from something inedible into one the most delicious food ideas in the form of gratins, potato chips, gnocchi recipes, samosas, hash, latkes, and pierogies. Potatoes can be used in casserole food ideas, soup recipes, and salad recipes, and can be baked, fried, boiled, and steamed, just to name a few ways to prepare them. And unlike so many other types of vegetables, potatoes are a reliable food source all year-round.

Yukon Gold potatoes also known as yellow potatoes. Yukon gold potatoes are a smooth-skinned potato that is a bit waxy, this now popular yellow potato was made available to the general public only in 1980. The Yukon gold potato has a light buttery color on the inside, and when it's cooked, the potato becomes flaky and a bit starchy. You can use Yukon Gold potatoes when you're looking to mash or shred potatoes, but they are waxy enough that they'll also hold their shape if you cook them in a soup or stew. Sweet Potatoes. As the name suggests, sweet potatoes are a variety that is considerably sweeter than other potatoes. Sweet potatoes are also larger, heavier, and starchier, and like a russet potato, the skins are coarse and should be removed before eating them. You might find sweet potatoes sold as yams in the marketplace, but sweet potatoes look and taste nothing like true yams, which are hard to find. Sweet potato varieties include the Garnet, Jewel, and Hannah which are marketed as yams but are actually sweet potatoes. Other varieties of sweet potatoes you may find are Japanese, Covington, and Beauregard. The flesh coloring of sweet potato will vary depending on the type from white, bright orange, a deep red-orange, and even purple. And while roasting sweet potatoes is a great way to bring out the sweetness, steaming sweet potatoes will render them ever so moist and tender while retaining their signature flavor.

Baby Potatoes also known as new potatoes, and creamers. Baby potatoes are immature potatoes, regardless if they are red, yellow, or purple, they are deemed baby, new, or creamer potatoes. Because of their small size, baby potatoes are best-cooked whole either boiled, steamed, and even roasted which allows the skins to add a colorful element to food ideas and dishes. Brown Russets also known as Idaho potatoes. Russet potatoes are very starchy potatoes that are long and wide with skins that are dark and earthy, and rough to the touch. If you cut a raw russet potato, there's a firmness, and yet when they are cooked, a russet potato will yield a light, fluffy interior. While the Idaho potato is not great at retaining its shape, it's the preferred potato for use in frying, baking, and mashing.

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