Cheesy Skillet Au Gratin Potatoes

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This recipe for Cheesy Skillet Au Gratin Potatoes has all the makings of a real comfort food. It is made with potatoes, which are always comforting, and loaded with a cheesy sauce that starts with a butter and flour roux, before adding the milk and cheese. Yum. All of that says curl up in your favorite spot, with a good book, and a big bowl of these Cheesy Skillet Au Gratin Potatoes. Stay all day (except may be to get up just one more time and make yourself a steaming cup of tea when you have filled up on the au gratin potatoes!). This is an easy recipe and the results are great to serve year round. Every one will be pleased to pull up to the dinner table where this dish is served. In fact, if you are a morning person, this dish would work great as a morning dish, served with eggs. Yum. Or serve it at lunch with a great green salad made with lots of pepper and lemon. Again yum.

Simple dishes such as this one are wonderful to have handy on those days when you want to make something great, but just do not have either the time or the energy to do so. This dish is pretty quick and easy. It does require that you have a mandolin in order to cut the potatoes as thin as the recipe creator and blogger recommends, or that you have some skill with a knife. On the other hand, even if the potatoes do not turn out quite as crisp as you might have hoped, this dish will still taste fabulous. After all, can you ever go wrong with cheese and potatoes?

The potato is a wonderful and versatile, yet humble, vegetable. It can be served with every kind of meat, fowl or fish. It takes on most seasonings and spices with tremendous aplomb, and offers up plenty of nutrition as well. It runs only about 100 or so calories in each modestly sized potato, and has no sodium, no cholesterol and no fats, yet offers a great amount of fiber when made with the skin left intact. Be sure you do. Enjoy this dish soon.

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