Cheesy Tortellini Casserole

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Individual tortellini are time consuming to make, so try this Cheesy Tortellini Casserole instead. Cut the time but keep the flavor. Your family will love this dish. You start with tortellini (commercial variety) and then bump up the flavor and nutrition with other ingredients and seasonings. It is a great way to get the better of two worlds, starting with ready-made and then adding home made goodness.

Tortellini is an Italian dish that is pasta shaped in a ring and filled with meat or cheese. They are not difficult to make from scratch, but there is an undeniable amount of work involved. And, fresh tortellini, available almost anywhere, is usually great. Tortelloni is the same thing as tortellini, but the size is about two times larger. So if you ever decide to make this dish right from scratch, consider tortelloni to keep the task to a minimum.

Everyone will love this dish. It is full of meat, cheese, pasta and other ingredients that make it cheesy and delicious. Your family will love it. It is a dish that can be made and frozen, then pulled out when you need it. It is great for a casual dinner in front of the television when your favorite show is on, or when you have a movie to watch. This is casual dining at its best. Add a salad, and you have a great combination. The Cookin Chicks make all kinds of easy and quick dishes for you to try out. Check out their website and see how you like this recipe, and the many others that you can find on this site. Make extra. You will definitely need it with this dish. Enjoy!

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