Cherry 7 Up Pound Cake

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It can be somewhat surprising, if you have not seen it before, to encounter a recipe that uses soda pop. Still, try it with this Cherry 7 Up Pound Cake. Then you will see why soda pop can sometimes be a useful and flavorful addition to various dishes, even savory ones. Cherry 7 up adds the nuances of flavor from the soda right in to the cake. Of course, it also adds sugar, but the more important addition is the flavoring that comes from the soda pop. And it can make all the difference between a cake that is greeted with some thing like, “That’s good; thanks” and “Wow. What did you do differently with this cake; can I have the recipe?” And we all want the second response.

This recipe, though, would likely be fabulous even without the soda pop. It has all the makings of a great pound cake. Originally, pound cake was just what the name implies, a pound of flour, a pound of sugar, a pound of butter, and a pound of eggs. There were originally no leavening agents added. The skill of the baker was required to whip the butter and sugar precisely to capture as much air as possible (and in the early days, they would have been whipping by hand!) then carefully adding the eggs (one by one) and finally gently folding in thrice sifted flour. We no longer sift flour, generally, except for very fine cakes such as Angel Food Cake or very fine breads such as Pannetone.

Even with today’s modern equipment and superior sugars and flours, take care when you bake this cake. Be sure to sufficiently whip the butter and sugar (five to eight minutes is not too much) and entirely incorporate one egg at a time, before adding more. The key to a good crumb in this cake is all in the blend. Then bake and enjoy this fabulous Cherry 7 Up Pound Cake.

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