Cherry Bread

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Cherry lovers will rejoice in this pretty and pink cherry bread recipe, which is packed full of sweet, maraschino cherries and topped with an almond flavoured glaze. This cherry dessert recipe looks elaborate, but since it's modelled after a traditional quick bread recipe, it will takeless time to make than you think. You can use your food processor to chop the maraschino cherries, rather than by hand, which can be messy, and you don’t have to add any food colouring to make this cake its bright pink colour since the cherries do that for you. This cherry quick bread recipe would be an excellent treat for a little girl’s birthday party or tea party or just a nice dessert for throughout the week. Wherever you choose to serve this, this cherry cake recipe is sure to wow everyone with its bright appearance and studs of sweet cherries in every mouthful.

You may prefer to use fresh, pitted cherries in your cherry desserts recipes, but the use of maraschino cherries are integral to this cherry bread recipe, because of their distinct, sweet flavour, and the pink colour they lend to the cake. The history of the maraschino cherry is very fascinating, because of how it informs how the modern maraschino cherry is produced. Historically, the maraschino cherry referred only to the preserved Marasca cherry in Croatia, which would have been crushed to create a maraschino liquor. This method of preserving cherries in liquor lasted a long time, but in the nineteenth century, when maraschino cherries started to come to the U.S., it was thought to be expensive and people chose to preserve maraschino cherries in other ways. The modern method of brining the cherries rather than preserving them in alcohol emerged out of necessity during the Prohibition of the 1920s when alcohol was no longer available legally. Also, rather than using Marasca cherries, sweet cherries like Rainier and Royal Ann are most often used in the production of maraschino cherries now. Now, you have some impressive historical knowledge to share with your guests when you serve this maraschino cherry bread recipe to them.

The almond glaze takes this cherry bread recipe over the top, because of how complimentary almonds are to cherries. Their complimentary nature is probably because cherry pits taste a lot like almonds. In fact, cherry pits often get used for making almond extract and cherry liquors since they have such great flavour. If you want to highlight the cherries in another way, when making this cherry recipes dessert, feel free to replace a small portion of the milk in this easy cherry recipe with a cherry flavoured liquor, like kirsch. Kirsch is a cherry flavoured brandy used to amplify cherry recipes like Black Forest cake or chocolate-covered cherry chocolates. A little of it could bring this cherry cake loaf recipe up a notch and make it festive to serve throughout the holidays or for your loved one on Valentine’s day. Thank you to Julie, the author of Tastes of Lizzy T’s recipe blog, for showing us the most beautiful cherry bread recipe ever. **

Nutrition Facts of Cherry Bread by Tastes of Lizzy T's
Ingredients: Sugar, milk, oil, eggs, flour, baking powder, salt, maraschino cherries, powdered sugar, butter, maraschino cherry juice, almond extract.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 12 servings Per Serving: Calories 352, Calories from Fat 107. Total Fat 11.9g (18%), Saturated Fat 2.7g (14%), Cholesterol 20mg (7%), Sodium 77mg (3%), Potassium 189mg (5%), Carbohydrates 60.1g (20%), Dietary Fiber 1.3g (5%), Sugars 42.8g, Protein 3.2g, Vitamin A 3%, Vitamin C 3%, Calcium 6%, Iron 7%

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