Cherry Cheesecake Dessert

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This Cherry Cheesecake Dessert Recipe can come together in only a few steps and a bit of effort on your part so keep it in mind when time is short and you need to have something ready quickly. This dessert contains four layers of flavor and texture so it has plenty to offer everyone and looks very pretty served on a plate. You can vary this recipe as you like it, and it is easy enough that a new cook can try his or her hand at it. The second layer is baked for a short period of time, but then commercial ingredients are used to make the rest of the layers. Pop the whole construction in the fridge (longer is better) and you are done.

Cherry filling is an especially attractive filling for this dessert. It offers plenty of pretty contrast to the light yellow base and white cream topping. Fresh whipped cream is far better than anything you can buy from your grocer’s freezer and easy to whip up, so try that in this recipe. Tiny hands can help with the base of this dish, made up of crushed graham wafers. Other types of cookies and wafers could also work, so if you prefer vanilla or chocolate, go ahead and use that.

One of the nicest things about a New York cheesecake is how versatile it can get. The only limit to putting this dessert together is your imagination. So kick it in gear and check this one out. Choose almost any filling, any base and the cheesecake middle will almost certainly taste great. Bump up flavor in the base with nuts (ground almond or walnuts taste great) and add more fresh fruit on top of the whipped cream. There are plenty of ways to customize this dessert to the tastes that you and your family prefer. Try it soon.

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