Cherry Cheesecake Treat Bars

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This Cherry Cheesecake Krispie Treat Bar recipe we are featuring will be off the charts in the positive feedback you are likely to get from all those that are lucky enough to get a piece. This is a stove top recipe and requires no baking so it is a dessert you can whip up pretty quickly.This is also the type of dessert that mom's with small kitchen helpers will have fun preparing together as you get fast results.

This recipe combines an old time classic, the Rice Krispie square but makes it extra delicious with a layer of cream cheese, condensed milk and acouple other ingredients. Then to top it all off you get the classic cherry pie filling.

It is fun for home bakers to stumble across these types of recipes as they evoke memories. Think about that old fashioned Rice Krispie square. I will bet you it will conjure up some kind of childhood memories. It is a standard at bake sales, birthday parties, family picnics and no doubt you are thinking of even more events you have eaten these at.

Do you know the history of the Rice Krispie cereal and just how far back it goes? Let us Snap, crackle and pop our way to some fun facts. Way back in 1927, W.K.Kellogg poured some milk over a new recipe for cereal that had just come out of the Kellogg test kitchen. That famous sound was heard, and the cereal became a rage. In 1928, Rice Krispies were found on the shelves but it was not until a year later that Snap! Crackle! Pop! were added to the printed ads about the cereal. In 1932, the words became part of the cereal box, and so it evolved with variations to the slogan. One tiny gnome was making his appearance on the box in 1933. In 1949 the three little boy gnome characters that we all know and love became a part of the packaging. In 1955, it was lights, camera and action as these little guys became a household stuffy doll that you could order and assemble. The passing years brought more changes to the characters, packaging, and marketing, but the cereal inside the box remained a constant. In 2011, a gluten-free cereal came onto the market. And in 2013 the ever popular cereal turned 80 years old! Pretty impressive. No wonder so many generations can relate to this type of dessert.

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