Cherry Oatmeal Crumble Bars

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You may think of a cherry crisp recipe when you see this recipe’s title, but this cherry oatmeal crumble bars recipe is a little different. Instead of having a baking dish of stewed fruit and a crumble topping, you have cherry pie filling sandwiched between two layers of dough, one solid and one crumbled over the top. Easy dessert recipes are excellent because you can make them whenever you like and the ingredients are often items you already have stocked in your pantry. This cherry recipes dessert uses just four pantry-staple ingredients, which makes this cherry bar recipe easy to pull together in a pinch.

The secret to this cherry oatmeal bars recipe is the use of yellow cake mix in the dough, rather than flour, as you normally would with crumble bar recipes. The use of yellow cake mix adds a built-in vanilla flavour and saves you from having to use an additional ingredient. You could certainly substitute with the equivalent amount of all-purpose flour and add a teaspoon or two of pure vanilla extract for some flavour, but the cherry bar recipe wouldn’t quite be the same taste or texture. Other ways you could make this oatmeal crumble bar recipe your own is by changing up the type of fruit you use or even the type of cherries. This recipe uses canned cherry pie filling, but you could substitute with blueberry or apple pie filling if you prefer those flavours instead. Any jam or preserves would be an excellent addition as well, although you wouldn’t have whole fruit in the mix as you do with pie filling. If you would rather take this cherry bar recipe one step further, you could even buy a jar of whole black cherries packed in juice and stew them with some cornstarch and sugar to create a thickened pie-like filling for your comfort dessert. Whatever you choose to do, this cherry oatmeal bar recipe is perfect as is but is also an excellent template to use whatever fruits and tastes you enjoy the best.

Not only is this cherry oatmeal bars recipe delicious, but they would also be excellent if you are looking for healthy snack ideas for kids. Yes, they contain sweetened pie filling, but the significant amount of oats in this bars recipe helps lower the glycemic index of the cherries to help your children maintain an even blood sugar throughout the day. Unprocessed, dry oats, are incredibly healthy and make an excellent addition to any dessert recipe, because of their toasty, nutty flavour after being baked. One-quarter cup of oats contains ninety-six percent of your daily-recommended intake of manganese, a nutrient that can help with controlling blood sugar and the proper development of bones. By adding oats into your children’s diets on a regular basis, you are helping them build a love for a truly healthy food. Thank you to Trish, the author of ‘Mom On Timeout’ recipe blog, for sharing her easy cherry oatmeal crumble bars recipe with us. **

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