Cherry Peach Dump Cake

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You will find an intriguing combination of fruit in this Cherry Peach Dump Cake that starts with a cake mix. You “dump” all the yummy things in to it that make this cake delicious and fresh. This cake is quick to make and a great way to have something different for friends when they drop over for tea, for kids to grab and munch as they run out the door, or even to serve for an evening snack or other light treat.

This recipe uses canned fruit, but don’t be concerned. Canned fruit does usually include sugar, of course, but you are still getting at least some of the goodness of fresh fruit. Fresh is almost always best, but there are times when energy and time are low, and this is a great alternative when you just do not have what it takes to get something together from scratch. One of the great things about this recipe is that it recommends the addition of nuts. Pecans will add a smooth and sweet flavor with a tender bite. Almonds add a pronounced crunch, but a very subtle richness. If you want, you can grind up the almonds and add them to the mix to create a slightly more dense cake. Walnuts will contrast with this recipe, their slightly bitter flavor acting as a foil to the lovely sweetness of the cherries and peaches. You could toast the walnuts before adding them. It takes about 10 minutes in a 350F oven (but watch them!) for this process. Do a bunch, and toss the rest in to a labeled Ziplock and toss them in the cupboard for quick recipes like this one.

This recipe offers plenty of options and a really nice blend of unexpected fruit on the bottom. Serve it with ice cream or whipped cream, as suggested. Enjoy!

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