Cherry Pie Fluff

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With the summer heat so intense at this time of year, people don't really want to be cooking or baking at all! And I don't blame them one bit! Here is a Cherry Pie Fluff dessert that is great for the summer heat and won't heat up your house in the process of making it. The other great thing, is that you don't need a ton of ingredients to make this one either, so in a very short time, you can be enjoying this cool treat on a hot summer day and be happy you found this recipe to try out!

All you need is some cool whip, some cheesecake instant pudding mix, which I didn't even know existed honestly! Then you need some cherry pie filling and some pineapples, you could always use fresh and make your own pie filling, whipped cream and cheesecake mix with fresh cut up pineapple, but if you are in a hurry, this always works really well and is just so quick and simple! It so good, everyone will love it and won't be able to resist the creamy cherry goodness of this lovely cherry pie fluff!

These types of desserts have been a popular thing to bring to gatherings and meals. In the 1950s, when more of this kind of prepackaged food was coming out onto the market, people were seeing just how easy it was to throw a few things together that they bought at the store and just mix it all into one nice dessert. Although these things are not always the healthiest for us, they are ok to have once in a while, and enjoy a bit of here and there. Would you make this for fun? Maybe for a girls night or a kid's birthday party! The recipe is pretty easy to remember too! Head over to 'The Country Cook' by following the link in the section below for more!

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