Cherry Sweet Rolls

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The recipe we are featuring is Cherry Sweet Rolls. This will make a batch of 24-32 large sweet rolls, depending on how you roll and cut them. The recipe comes from Lemon-Sugar blog, and it is a from scratch recipe that gives you a great variation from the conventional cinnamon bun.Fresh bread in any method, sweet or not is always appreciated by whoever you are baking it for. You can always make your dough by hand as our grandmothers did, or the stand-up mixers these days have the appropriate dough hook that make the job so simple.

My mother was a great baker and cinnamon buns were an item we could look forward to at least once a month. I remember coming home from school, this was back in the 50's to 70's to the smell of fresh baking on most days. Many moms in those days had full-time careers as housewife's raising bigger families, cooking, baking and keeping the household and the family in good order. Taking a lunchbox to school always promised a nutritious lunchtime meal.

We never had 'store-bought' cookies other than the occasional box of 'Wagon Wheels' and the 'Girl Guide' cookies. Lucky us, we had fresh everything. Our home always smelled good! This kind of thing really sticks with you when you are raised this way. As a child though, we took it a little bit for granted and even though we loved all the great baking, we were pretty excited to lick the icing from between the layers of the Girl Guide cookies or to bite into the wafer marshmallow wheels covered in chocolate.

This recipe for Cherry Sweet rolls looks very appealing as who does not love cherry pie filling! These are going to win you lots of love and thank-you's. To find the complete recipe, please just visit the Lemon-Sugar website link just below.

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