Cherry Upside Down Cake with Almond Whipped Cream

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In the height of summer when cherries are available, this cherry upside down cake with almond whipped cream recipe will be all you will need to get those cherries on your table. This cake involves a layer of bright red, sweet cherries and a very fluffy cake base, which is enjoyable to eat warm or at room temperature. Jamie, the writer and recipe developer at Love Bakes Good Cakes recipe blog, came up with this upside-down cake recipe, which is very similar to pineapple upside down cake. This cake is prepared in a large cake pan, which means it should serve at least a dozen people and would be perfect served at a party or family gettogether. If you have been itching to make a cherry dessert recipe, this one will not disappoint.

Cake baking may not be your preferred activity in the kitchen, but this cherry dessert recipe will become a favourite of yours because of how simple it is to make. Like many cake recipes, this one starts by mixing the dry ingredients in one bowl, the wet ingredients in the other and then combining them until smooth. It is best to use an electric mixer to ensure all the ingredients get combined correctly and produces the fluffiest cake ever. The cherries get layered at the bottom of the cake pan, and the batter gets spread over the top before being cooked in the oven. Once baked, the cake is inverted out of the pan, so the cherries become the top and all their juices ooze over the top and sides of the cake. If you are worried about the hot juices from this cherry dessert recipe flowing out and onto your arms when flipping the cake, merely invert onto a large platter or plate. That way the juices will likely stay on the dish or plate rather than dripping over your hands and arms.

If you are new to cake baking, one of the essential things to successful cake baking would be to measure the ingredients accurately. Otherwise, you may end up with a cherry recipes dessert that is too dense or too wet. When measuring flour, just use the scoop and sweep method to measure so that the flour doesn’t pack into the cup. To do this, you should scoop flour into the measuring cup rather than dipping and use a knife to level the flour off. Sour cream is added to the cake batter of this cherry recipes dessert for extra moisture. An excellent way to measure it would be in a liquid measuring cup so that you get an accurate volume. If you don’t have sour cream in your fridge, very thick plain yogurt should work just as well in this cherry dessert recipe.

Jamie cleverly includes almond extract in this cherry recipes dessert, which is such an excellent pairing to cherries. The almond extract gets added to the whipped cream and is a pleasant compliment to the taste of sweet and tart cherries. If you or your family don’t enjoy almond extract, though, you could substitute with vanilla and still have a very successful cake. Jamie adds powdered sugar to the whipped cream which helps it hold in the refrigerator rather than deflating. Since powdered sugar has some cornstarch in it, it helps the cream stabilize when beaten rather than causing it to fall. Otherwise, consider adding a little cornstarch if you plan on holding the cream over a more extended period. Thank you to Jamie, the writer of the Love Bakes Good Cakes recipe blog, for sharing her cherry upside down cake with almond whipped cream recipe with us.

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