Chess Squares

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This is another one of those desserts that, once you have tried it, will become a kitchen staple. Chess squares by Kevin & Amanda are simple, gooey as they proclaim, and utterly, sinfully, dee-lish-us. It is hard to decide whether to recommend them because of the addictions that will obviously occur around these squares. Okay, go ahead. But be forewarned, these babies are for real.

Sometimes we really want to indulge ourselves but hesitate as we worry about setting good eating example for our kids, as we watch our waistlines, or when we get concerned about our health. But once in a while, it is a great idea to indulge yourself (and your family) in something you and they love and throw the worries about all those kinds of things to the stars. This is one of those times. This dessert or late afternoon snack is the perfect indulgence on a day when you need something just for yourself that says yum yum yum.

Whats really great is that this can be made with only five ingredients that you likely already have on hand, using only a few tools, and ready to eat with a cup of tea in less than 45 minutes, tops.

Your family will love the sweet and gooey flavor (and so will you). Kids can eat these treats on the go for late day snacks before dinner and you can set a few aside for yourself when things get quiet and you have a moment or two to yourself. Take a hot bath. Take a piece (or two) of chess square with you.

This dessert could also be the basis for much more decadent treats. It would go well served with fruit ladled on top. Just take your favorite fruitberries would workmash them with a fork or heat them on the stove, add a bit of lemon and sugar and there you have it. Or make sure you cut the cake while it is still warm, and serve it with whipped cream or ice cream. Both would taste great.

This cake is fantastic by itself and will become a family favorite from the first time you make it.

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