Chewy Caramel Turtle Bark

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This Chewy Caramel Turtle Bark recipe has crunchy pecans and dark chocolate combined to make a homemade version of the popular turtle recipe that you will love. There is a good chance you will like this chewy caramel turtle bark recipe better than the store bought version. Dark chocolate just seems to make everything better. If you prefer milk chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate, you can switch it up. The caramel syrup in this recipe stays nice and chewy, even straight out of the refrigerator. You'll want to make this easy caramel recipe and share it with your friends.

Chocolate is the ultimate in comfort food; it helps us when we are feeling stressed and somehow manages to make us feel better. The good thing about that is there are lots of reasons besides tasting good to eat chocolate. Quality chocolate is good for you, with dark chocolate, with a cocoa percentage of at least seventy per cent or more being the best for you. Chocolate is good for the heart, the circulation and brain, and may be beneficial with autism, obesity and diabetes. Some of the reasons you might want to eat good chocolate are because in a recent study it was found that dark chocolate may help restore the flexibility to arteries while also preventing white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels. Quality chocolate may reduce the risk of stroke. Researchers have found that chocolate consumption may lower the risk of suffering a stroke. Quality chocolate is mineral rick, with dark chocolate being packed with minerals such as potassium, zinc and selenium. A 100-gram dark chocolate bar with 70 percent or more provides 67 percent of the recommended daily allowance of iron. Chocolate may lower cholesterol. It has been shown that consuming quality cocoa helps reduce levels of bad cholesterol and in turn raise good levels of cholesterol, possibly lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. Quality chocolate can also be good for the skin, with the flavonols in dark chocolate helping to protect against sun damage. Ironically enough, consuming quality chocolate may help you loose weight. Neuroscientist Will Clower suggests that a small square of good chocolate that is melted on the tongue about 20 minutes before a meal helps to trigger hormones in the brain that say you are full. Consuming chocolate may help prevent diabetes. The reason being is that cocoa has been shown to help improve insulin sensitivity. So dark chocolate in moderation may help delay or prevent the onset of diabetes.

Nutrition Facts for:Chewy Caramel Turtle Bark from Barefeet In The Kitchen

Ingredients: Butter, brown sugar, honey, sweetened condensed milk, kosher salt, vanilla, pecan halves, semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate, coconut oil.

* The entire recipe has been calculated for 20 servings.

* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet

* Per Serving: Calories 289, Calories from Fat 174, Total Fat 19.3g 30%, Saturated Fat 8.0g 40%, Cholesterol 19mg 6%, Sodium 76mg 3%, Potassium 163mg 5%, Carbohydrates 27.7g 9%, Dietary Fiber 1.9g 8%, Sugars 25.0g, Protein 3.4g, Vitamin A 4%, Vitamin C 1%, Calcium 8%, Iron 4%

The pecans in this easy caramel recipe give the recipe a bit of crunch that perfectly compliments the chewy caramel syrup in the recipe. Along with tasting good, pecans offer a lot of pecan nutrition to enjoy. Pecans are a great source of dietary fiber, protein, and iron with lesser amounts of calcium and Vitamin C. Whether pecans are eaten raw or roasted pecans they are healthy snack ideas and the secret to good dessert recipes. Pecans were food that was widely consumed and traded by the Native Americans before the European settled in North America. Pecans can provide two to five times more energy per unit weight than wild game, and require no preparation to eat. Thank you to Mary at the "Barefeet in The Kitchen" recipe site for sharing this easy caramel recipe for chewy caramel turtle bark. This is just one of the recipes you will find on the site. Some of the recipes you will find on the site include appetizers, breakfast ideas, main dish, side dish, desserts, salads, gluten free ideas, sandwich recipes and so much more. *

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