Chewy Red Velvet Brownies

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Enjoy this Chewy Red Velvet Brownies recipe, and see how this special cake makes a real change from the usual chocolate brownies we all love to eat. And check out the site, Divas Can Cook, in order to discover how you can add a bit of frosting or glaze as well as nuts so that the final product is especially pretty and attractive when you bring it to the table. The kids, of course, will love this chewy red velvet brownies recipe just because of the color. That bright red color that you see in the photos on the site is the trademark of this particular cake.

The original Red Velvet cake recipe evolved over many years, but especially during the Second World War when ingredients were scarce (such as sugar) and bakers had to find creative (ingenious) ways to sweeten up their cakes. One way involved using beets, which are naturally high in sugar. In fact, even today, you can find beet sugar on the shelves of your grocery store. The red juice stained the cake, of course, but in addition, bakers were adding vinegar and other seasonings. These additions enhanced the reddish hue that is also characteristic of chocolate. Over time, bakers became more and more obsessed with finding ways to make the cake redder. In time, food coloring was brought in to ensure that the cake was quite brightly red. Today, Red Velvet cake recipes range in color from a brown and red color to the bright red you see on the photos on the site, Divas Can Cook. It all depends on what the baker uses to change the color as to how rich the redness will be in the cake.

Other ingredients that are classic in this recipe include the buttermilk, which ensures a tender crumb and good rise in the cake. Cocoa gives the cake its characteristic chocolate flavor, and the icing is also a special one. The original frosting was made from a cooked roux, from the French (who else?) made from milk and flour. Butter and sugar were beaten in for a good long time, as long as eight minutes, to ensure that the icing was extremely light and fluffy. This icing, properly made, can taste quite a bit like fresh whipped cream. It does take some time to make, though, and over time, bakers have opted for a slightly simpler icing made from cream cheese. Cream cheese is a universal frosting that works with almost every sweet dessert. In this version of the recipe, the site recommends that you use the cream cheese frosting or consider melting white chocolate over the cake. As well, you can garnish the recipe with walnuts.

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