Chicken and Corn Chowder

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With all the bad talk that sometimes come with corn, it is lucky for us in a recipe like this that the corn commodity price and corn trading is what it is. Thanks to Michelle of the Brown Eyed Baker for her Chicken and Corn Chowder recipe that is a take on the original chowder recipe that was made with clams and potatoes. This recipe takes the clams out of the equation switching them for chicken. She has presented us with a chowder recipe that allows us to use leftover chicken we might have and adds corn to the mix as well as cheese.

The term chowder has probably come to us, no one is specifically sure, by way of the French word Chaudière a French word for cauldron. Corn trading is not just about stocks, but has a huge role in the large variety of recipes we see today. That was the preferred vessel, in days gone by, used in cooking this wonderful blend of clams, fish and potatoes. The original chowder recipes were predominantly made with clams, fish, potatoes, onions, corn and cream or milk and occasionally tomatoes. There are many different takes on this hearty soup, which is almost like a stew in regards to the thickness, and they vary from place to place. The most common recipe many of us know is the New England clam chowder recipe. This is one of the first ones in North America. The idea behind it and the other chowder recipes was brought over with the first settlers in Canada and the United States way back in the early days of the first immigrants. From that first chowder recipe which was made with cream, fish, clams and potatoes and corn as well, but not always, we now have many different takes on the original recipe. The Manhattan clam chowder recipe also includes the clams and potatoes but it is based in a tomato mixture rather than the cream. Some people do not accept this as chowder but think of it as a vegetable soup with clams. Names are really not important since the chowder or soups are both hearty and thick which is more the case for debate rather than the tomato or cream aspect of these recipes.

Michelle takes her recipe to the max by adding 2 types of cheese to the equation making this chowder recipe thick and rib sticking for those cold days or those days when you need to eat something to carry you for a while. This chowder recipe fits the bill in both departments. With a total prep and cooking time of 1 hour you can make a savory chowder recipe that will beg for your favorite crackers to swim in the mix. This Chicken and corn chowder recipe is great for the fact that if you have leftover chicken it can give that chicken a good home and you can get more bang for your buck.

Michelle’s version of the classic clam chowder recipe still has the milk and potatoes and adds corn, cheese and chicken with an extra add on of two types of peppers and a kick with chipotle chilies. So the next time you are looking to get extra mileage from some leftover chicken you might have kicking around give Michelle’s chicken and corn chowder recipe a try and please don’t be chicken. Of course if corn and chicken chowder recipes are not your thing, why not search for a clam chowder recipe, and easy corn chowder recipe, a shrimp chowder recipe, a ham chowder recipe, a recipe for seafood chowder, a corn chowder with bacon recipe, a fish chowder recipe or even a healthy corn chowder recipe. *

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