Chicken and Mustroom Pasta Bake

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Easy dinner ideas always make busy weeknights pleasant like for instance this delicious Chicken and Mushroom Pasta Bake recipe. This chicken pasta uses easy everyday ingredients to create a super creamy and flavorsome dinner in just a few minutes. This recipe is also great if you are a vegan. All you have to do is replace the chicken stock with veggie stock, exclude the chicken and use all the other ingredients just the same way. Having access to healthy homemade recipes like this chicken pasta make your efforts worthwhile and puts a smile on everyone’s face. You can use gluten-free pasta or any whole grain pasta for this recipe as a way to maximize the nutrition and serve it along with salad on the side. Since this recipe is easy on the budget, it’s perfect to feed a large crowd as well. It has all the flavors of home like food and will make your guests feeling full and satisfied. Quick recipes that are budget friendly are special and meant to be kept inside your recipe book because you’re going to make this recipe more than just once.

This recipe uses chicken breast, but you can also use chicken thighs if you want. You can also try adding different flavors like a Mexican taco seasoning if you want because this is the kind of recipe that attracts versatile flavors and seasonings. You can even add other spices of your choice like chili flakes to make it mildly spicy. Be creative and add whatever flavor your palate wants. It is important to read the food labels to choose low sodium and preservative-free packaged goods like chicken stock. Don’t be shy of comparing the labels on different brands and choose the one that is free from msg and sodium-free.

When working with chicken, it's necessary to handle the meat safely to prevent cross contamination. Did you know that you can prevent 80 percent of food-borne illnesses by watching how you handle the meat? The best thing you can do to keep the bacteria out of your kitchen is to thoroughly clean your hands before and after handling food, especially meat. Make sure you sanitize your kitchen surroundings including counter tops, sink, etc. If you're not working cooking the meat right away, make sure to either freeze or refrigerate it for later use to avoid salmonella. Remember to cook the meat especially chicken, pork, and seafood thoroughly to the right temperature. Food poisoning is a serious problem even if the meat is slightly raw.

Thank you to Chef Dennis Littley at the Ask Chef Dennis web site for sharing this mouth-watering Chicken and Mushroom Pasta Bake recipe with us. For more easy dinner ideas and quick recipes, do check out the website. This chicken pasta recipe is drool-worthy and a great meal idea because of it's fantastic creamy texture. Most importantly, it's one of the healthy homemade recipes free from preservatives and sodium. Make this delicious dinner recipe for your loved ones today!

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