Chicken and Spinach Skilet Pasta

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Love a quick and easy meal idea that can be made without too much effort or time? You will love this Chicken and Spinach Skillet Pasta from Valerie Brunmeier on the eHow website. With the common restraints we all have on time and availability, it is easy to feel the pull towards one pot meals like this one.

Until now, I had never cooked dry pasta in this method. Generally if I am making a meal like this, I will simply boil the pasta to al dente and then later on mix it in with the other ingredients. In this method you actually add the dry pasta to the cooking dish and it will cook with the liquid as the liquid boils off a nice creamy sauce is made. It is helpful to have a thick bottomed deep skillet for this type of recipe as the food is more likely to cook evenly without burning. Also, if it is too shallow you will end up making a mess of your stove and get stuck with more work cleaning that you had set out for. As my husband routinely tells me..'wash as you go', so when spills and splatters inevitably happen, just wipe them up right away for the easiest time cleaning.

This meal is flavoured with plenty of my two favorite foods: garlic and onions! They easy to grow, easy to work with, good for your heart and health, and add more flavor than just about any other foods. Also, be sure to cook with a high quality olive oil and as a rule of thumb if the oil is ever smoking, avoid breathing in the burned oil smoke which is not good for your health. Choose olive oil in dark glass bottles with a low acidity that has been cold pressed.

For this yummy recipe, visit the link below to the 'eHow' website.

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