Chicken and Vegetable Soup

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Chicken soup they say is good for the soul. Shannon of Cozy Country Living has shared her Chicken and Vegetable soup recipe with us and our souls thank her. The best soup is usually the one you make from scratch and you put love into the preparation and the cooking. Recipes for homemade soup are varied and all have our own individual addition to them. A chicken vegetable soup recipe can be one that has been passed down through the generations or can be one like this offering from Shannon.

Everyone has a grandmother and mother and we all have at least one recipe for chicken soup that we cling to and prepare with all the love that our beloved mom or grandmother would make. The images of them over the stove while the smell of the soup wafted through the air stays with us and through the years will always be a reminder of how nice it is to make something from scratch. They say the best memories are ones that come in through the nose. The best soup recipe is always the one that you cherish and only share with people you are sure will love it as much as you have. This chicken vegetable soup recipe from Shannon can be the one that you take and add something of your own to and can become the starting point for your own traditional soup that you will pass on through the generations.

There is not a date in history that can be tied to the first actual chicken soup or the first chicken soup recipe but as long as there have been chickens someone must have come up with the idea of boiling the chicken and using the broth. Just about every country in the world has a take on chicken soup and with that many options even the most discerning cook can find at least one of those recipes that catch their fancy. There is no scientific proof of the fact that recipes for homemade chicken soup in any way are the cure for any know sickness but the allure and the belief that chicken soup is a cure for many things is undeniable. It can cure the common cold, it can rid you of chills, and it can soothe an upset stomach and many more cures. These are strictly unproven by medical history but try telling that to your mom or grandmother who would recommend chicken soup for all that ails you.

The beauty of chicken soup is in the simplicity of making it and the abundance in the opportunity of all the different ingredients that can be added. You can put noodles, vegetables, dumplings, tortellini, crackers and well you get the idea. The endless options and the wide varieties of takes on this soul food are what keep bringing us back to the chicken soup aura. Thanks to Shannon of Cozy Country Blog for this yummy take on the age-old soup recipe that will warm your soul. **

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