Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheesy Fries

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These chicken bacon ranch cheesy fries hit every spot that demands comfort food. Salty, rich, cheesy and made with chicken nuggets. What more could you ask for? And this recipe makes it all easy with commercial foods that can be popped in to the oven and ready in just a few minutes. It is the perfect late night snack when you are watching a scary movie (with friends, preferably) or as a late afternoon snack on a rainy day when you just need something yummy. Or when you just need something yummy.

There is not much to redeem this dish in terms of nutrition, to be really honest. But let’s face it. Sometimes, we just need comfort food, and that is what this recipe delivers in spades. It is food for the heart and soul, not the waistline. With all the time and effort and energy we spend making sure everyone eats right, gets enough exercise, takes their vitamins every day, and goes to bed at a reasonable hour, once in a while, we need to junk it out. That is the wonderful, glorious promise of this dish. You will find comfort. You will be filled. You will find the dish delicious, cheesy, maybe a bit crunchy, salty with bacon, and over the top with torturous delightfulness. This is a recipe that everyone should eat in his or her pajamas. Be sure to make lots. No matter how much a good food freak you might be, the smell of cheese, chicken, and bacon emanating from the oven will draw everyone irresistibly towards that smell. So save this recipe for when you really need it.

This is a great dish. It’s friendly and heart warming. Sometimes this is the kind of food we need, and it’s wonderful food to share with family and friends. Why not have a friends and family TV night and put this treat together? They’ll love you for it.

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