Chicken Bacon Ranch Layer Salad

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Chicken salads are a great way for you to get protein and keep the meal light. Easy salad recipes like this one from Melissa are a great addition to your easy delicious salads file. Chicken breast meat is a great addition to salads and if you decide to bake, roast or barbeque the chicken you are instantaneously adding flavor. A simple and easy salad doesn’t mean they are not nutritious. You can have something that is easy to make and at the same time have a meal that can be both nutritious and delicious. When you decide on a salad and want to make a meal out of it then consider any one of many easy salad recipes. Melissa adds bacon to the recipe and if you are not a fan or love it but want a lighter version then always make the salad right for you. You can use chicken bacon or turkey bacon and if you are trying to cut down on the meat then leave it out.

Simple and easy salads should be made to conform to you and your diners’ palates and health concerns. This salad from Melissa is a great way to get easy delicious salads to your plate and if you keep the ingredients to a healthy level then you will have a complete meal and one that is not high in calories. Make the salad work for you and not the other way around.

Salads are almost always used as an appetizer but they actually are better as your accompaniment to the meal or are even great as the last part of the meal. There are many different types of salads and you can decide to use one for one day of a meal and then use another type the next time you make this recipe. You can choose from iceberg, romaine, arugula, bib, spinach and many others. When deciding on the salad you want to use always consider what you are looking to get out of the salad. If it is just for taste then you can use arugula or spinach since they have a unique flavor to them. If you are using the salad only as filler to the meal then iceberg, romaine or bib are a great mixer salad. You can even mix a few different ones to come up with a spring mix type of salad.

As with everything you find in a recipe the final decision on what to use or not is up to you. When considering the choices always think about your diners since not everyone loves the same thing. There are recipes for most palates and if you do some research you can find out which salads give different vitamins and is they are bitter or not.Thanks to Melissa of Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen Blog for this yummy Chicken Bacon Ranch Layer Salad Recipe. Give this salad a try and with a little change here or there and with some of your own creativity make it your own and bon apetit.**

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