Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

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Pasta salads are a wonderful thing to add to any table, whether a picnic at the park, or a sit down family dinner. This Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad, is sure to have your family enjoying it immensely, and wanting more! Pasta salads are great in the summer time when you don't want anything too warm for your meals, plus, it provides a good, hearty addition to your meal, or can even stand as a meal on it's own! There are so many great pasta sale recipes out there, and many standbys that everyone knows and loves at this time of year, but how about trying something new?

This pasta salad takes a favourite salad being caesar salad and combining it with pasta, giving it a fresh new spin on the old classic. The Caesar salad was actually first made in Tijuana Mexico and named after it's maker, Caesar, who owns Caesar's restaurant in Tijuana, where they still serve the salad to this day of course! I know people who have eaten the caesar salads there and they say that they are definitely the BEST! I also have a pretty good recipe which don't involve the eggs like some caesar salad recipes do.

The pasta caesar salad has chicken, croutons and even tomatoes in it, making it a super hearty salad that every one will love! The chicken would be so awesome if it were grilled chicken on the BBQ too. I would do a little less pasta and more romaine lettuce than the recipe calls for, but that is just me. The author said the opposite, that she wanted more pasta and less romaine lettuce, but everyone's flavour palates are different, so just go for whatever you and your family enjoy more! Head on over to ' Spicy Southern Kitchen' by following the link in the section below for this awesome recipe and more!

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