Chicken Caesar Pasta

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This Chicken Caesar Pasta gets help with commercial Caesar dressing that makes the dish rich with the flavors of this dish and quick and easy to make. This dish can be served any where from hot out of the pan or up to lightly chilled as a salad. It is a versatile and wonderful dish to serve. This dish can work for lunch or for dinner, and if there is any left over, it could even work for breakfast. This Chicken Caesar Pasta is a nice balance of important nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates and fat. It also includes some great veggies, so you can be happy about serving this in your house.

This dish is also quick and easy to prepare. The recipe blogger recommends a brand name pasta, and often these may be better made with higher quality ingredients; however, any pasta will do. The curly pasta is particularly good when you are adding a sauce, as here, because it traps the sauce in the turns of the pasta so every bite captures a bit of sauce (always nice). Tomatoes are the contrasting fruit in this dish, providing a nice complement in texture, color and taste, of course. The tangy and sharp flavor of tomato is perfect against the heavier and more sultry flavor of the cheese, Caesar dressing and the pasta itself.

Together, the tomato and pasta components make a great dish that is delicious whether you serve it hot or at room temperature. Chicken is a popular meat with every one, and provides lots of lean protein to this dish. You can use ingredients that you have either pre-prepared such as cooked chicken, or even day old pasta, or you can make the whole thing fresh from scratch. Any way that you put this together, it will make the perfect lunch or dinner for every one at your table.

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