Chicken Chow Mein

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Who doesn't love a good chicken chow mein recipe made with high quality ingredients. So often, when I am craving chicken chow mein, I end up ordering in or going out. Of course, there are some incredible restaurants out there but if you can master the art of a good chow mein, then you will love the homemade version from the Cooking Classy recipe website.

If you are lucky and live near a farmers market or fresh produce store then take your time in the morning and meander your way over to the the veggie aisle to pick your freshest ingredients such as celery, green onions, cabbage and carrots.

The largest ingredient in chow mein is obviously the noodles, so if you eat a lot of chow mein then perhaps you can find a grocer that sells noodles in bulk. As for the chicken, be sure when you are preparing your meal that you cut away any rough or gristly bits so that when you are bite in your dinner is tender and easy to chew. I cannot say that this is something that everyone cares about, but growing up I lived in a house with a mother that always made sure that the chicken was cut perfect without any bits and pieces that her two picky kids could complain about.

As for the veggies, before you begin your actual cooking, if the veggies that you buy are not organic or home grown, than be sure to peel away the out layers. Regardless of if they are organic or not, always wash your vegetables in fresh water that has white vinegar added to kill bacteria. Dry them well and then begin your chopping, grating and slicing.

For this yummy homemade chicken chow mein recipe, visit the link below to the 'Cooking Classy' website.

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